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Experience the thrill of Corcovado National Park tours with Osa Wild. Immerse yourself in nature and encounter incredible wildlife. Book your adventure today!

Traveler from Holand, starting the Intense Jungle Trek at Los Patos Trail, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica.

OsaWild’s Corcovado Tour Packages

Embark on a remarkable Corcovado National Park adventure with our top-rated tour packages, designed to immerse you in the timeless exploration style of naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts. Our Corcovado tours beckon you to experience the essence of this iconic destination in Costa Rica. One such unforgettable journey spans more than 50 kilometers, tracing the path from Los Patos to Sirena and onward to La Leona. This challenging yet rewarding trek promises an authentic encounter with primary and secondary forests, unveiling the unparalleled beauty of one of Earth’s most captivating realms.

Here are our top three packages:

Intense Jungle Trekking

True to its name, this expedition delves into a biodiversity hotspot! Day one introduces you to the La Tarde rural tourism project, bordering the park, where you’ll explore lush trails and encounter nocturnal wildlife. On the second day, venture towards Sirena via Los Patos station, spending the night amidst nature’s wonders. Finally, on the third day, we journey out through La Leona station, encountering a myriad of animal species along the way.

Kriskras Group at Los Patos Trail

Corcovado Standard Package

A comprehensive three-day tour offering the ultimate park experience. Day one involves hiking into Sirena, followed by a day of exploration around the Sirena area on day two. On the third day, trek back out of the park, with the option to choose between the La Leona or Los Patos route. This tour commences and concludes in PJ, ensuring a seamless adventure.

Group of hikers trekking through a lush, tropical rainforest river

Sweet Sunrise to Sirena

Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a full day at Sirena station coupled with an adventurous hike along the La Leona trail, concluding in Carate. This route encompasses river crossings, enchanting secondary forests teeming with wildlife, and breathtaking vistas, offering a holistic Corcovado experience.

Each package  embodies the spirit of Corcovado adventures, promising an immersive journey through diverse ecosystems and a profound connection with nature’s wonders.

Group of people on a boat at sunset (Boat ride to Sirena)

What makes Corcovado National Park unique?

Corcovado National Park is an expedition into the gem of Costa Rica’s national park system. This tour unveils the preserved lowland very humid rainforest, home to nearly 70% of the world’s biodiversity. The uniqueness of Corcovado lies in its elaborate long trail system that traverses through primary and secondary forests, offering a glimpse into the heart of Corcovado at Sirena Biological Station. Certified local guides lead this Corcovado Adventure, trekking approximately 20 km per day through rainforest wonders. It’s a thrill for nature enthusiasts to explore one of the best Corcovado tours in Central America, frequently encountering threatened species like wild-lipped peccaries, pumas, or tapirs.

The trails, though long, are well-maintained (except during the rainy season), adding to the adventure. Various river crossings inject moments of high adrenaline and exploration. Los Patos stands as a majestic representation of primary forest, adorned with bicentenary trees and vines, immersing you in the beauty of rainforests during your Corcovado tour.

How does Osa Wild enhance the Corcovado tour experience?

From start to end, our concept is that your experience can benefit as many local people as we can. Our motto of ¨supporting local people through tourism¨ allows us to think beyond tourism and try to make it more fair and equitable for our community. We claim to protect preserved areas with high endemism and develop them sustainably and responsibly,  as touristy areas around the world can be easily harmed by over-tourism. Our groups are small and well-planned, so you can adventure and take the most out of this experience. 

We are deeply concerned about our social, economic, and environmental responsibilities that can make all of us grow together. As we know that our guides are the cherry on top of the whole experience, we work hard to select them for you with our new categorization process, whith this we can assure you’re going with the best guides, ranging from nature specialists to tropical biologists and self-taught experts. 

Close-up of shot a striking poison dart frog

What are the key features of each tour package?

In this blog, we have mentioned the top 3 tours we recommend, especially if you are in the hiking mode and want to explore in a unique and authentic way, starting from Puerto Jimenez. 

Towering rainforest canopy with lush, verdant foliage

Here are the key features for our Corcovado Adventures:

Intense Jungle Trek

La Tarde rural tourism project is a biodiversity hotspot, and of course, its creator and friend Eduardo is the key feature. While hiking and exploring this unique ecosystem, you will discover an incredible fig tree on his property. Believe me, the place is stunning! 

Eduardo standing in front of a welcome sign for Parque Corcovado - Osa Wild Travel

Corcovado Standard Package

A comprehensive three-day tour offering the ultimate park experience. The key feature here is to start from Los Patos and end at La Leona Ranger Station. This route encompasses river crossings, enchanting secondary and primary forests teeming with wildlife, and breathtaking vistas, offering a holistic Corcovado experience. The second-day expedition around Sirena will add dozens of animals to your list and will offer the original 3-day  exploration hikes we just love to recommend.

Sweet Sunrise to Sirena

The sunrise on day one is definitely a key feature, plus the high chances to spot dolphins, whales, marine birds, and a completely astonishing setting of beach and forest merged together along our emerald pacific blue coasts. Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a full day at Sirena station coupled with an adventurous hike along the La Leona trail.

How can tourists maximize their experience with each tour?

Our travelers can enjoy some of the great things Osa Wild has developed through time. Among that, a free community tour is done by local students and takes you to the special hidden spots in town, like the local library, ice cream shops, best sodas (cheap and healthy local restaurants), and crocodile spotting places. You can also share if you have a special request, as we offer guiding specialists or biologists who can maximize your experience and learning. We run a unique wild volunteering program that visits community-based tourism projects and scientific and educational programs for schools abroad and for national ones, too. 

Photographer standing in front of a lush tropical landscape

Photo by Zimmy the Kid

What is the best time of year to visit Corcovado National Park?

We have learned from more than 15 years of experience that there are special moments where specific fauna can be seen and where more babies are around their parents. Wildlife observation is unique throughout the year except for the rainiest months of the year, from September to November, but we think it can be better from March to May. During May, the temperature drops a bit, and it is less crowded; plus, you can enjoy the beach, the forest, and the station’s solitary decks. I will also mention the spontaneous rains during April, which can elevate the chances for more amphibians to be spotted. 

Tamandua resting in a leafy tree

Photo by Zimmy the Kid

Close-up of shot a striking poison dart frog

Photo by Zimmy the Kid


Nestled on the stunning Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica lies a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike – Corcovado National Park. Spanning over 424 square kilometers (164 square miles) of untamed rainforest, this biodiverse haven teems with an astonishing array of flora and fauna. In this blog, we explore the wonders awaiting those who dare to visit Corcovado National Park. From exhilarating 3-night intense jungle treks to easier and shorter day trips by boat or land to one of the many entrances to this magical place on earth. Any route you choose with Osa Wild will surely become a lifetime memory. 

Sirena Station

Visiting Corcovado National Park 

Corcovado National Park Tours: From Intense Jungle Treks to Easy Day Tours

All Corcovado tours are best if guided. It is a sustainable practice to contribute to the economic development and well-being of its inhabitants. More importantly, a guided tour is the best way to experience the wonders of Corcovado safely. Knowledgeable local guides lead visitors through dense jungle trails, sharing insights into the park’s ecology and pointing out elusive creatures along the way. From leisurely nature walks, like our San Pedrillo Day Tour, to challenging hikes, like our Intense Jungle Trek, tour options are suitable for every fitness level and interest.

Corcovado National Park Animals

Encounter the Wild Residents: tapirs, monkeys, and now jaguars!!!

Corcovado National Park is renowned for its rich biodiversity, boasting over 800 species of trees, 124 species of mammals, 480 species of birds, 50 of amphibians, 67 of reptiles, and over 10,000 different species of insects. Lucky visitors may spot iconic wildlife such as the endangered Baird’s tapir, playful spider monkeys, vibrant scarlet macaws and recently, elusive pumas and even jaguars have also been seen. Every step through the forest brings the possibility of an unforgettable wildlife encounter.

Spider Monkey Zimmy the kid

Spider Monkey at Corcovado National Park Tours, by ZimyDaKid

Corcovado National Park Tours

Trails around La Leona Ranger Station: Best choice to enjoy a full day of nature

We highly recommend La Leona Station Day Tour. The adventure starts as you hop in the car and an endless amount of creatures on the road start to appear. Monkeys, sloths, toucans, coatis, and owls along the road are common sightings. On lucky days we might even see a puma or a tayra on this same road. To get to La Leona we drive 42 km from Puerto Jimenez and then hike 3.5 Km before reaching the station. By the time we reach La Leona and enter the national park we’ve already seen so much!! 

The trails at the park are marvelous, easy to follow, mostly flat (great for kids and/or seniors), and most importantly not crowded at all. Here you have time for yourself and there’s no need to run around looking for creatures since our tours depart normally after 2 pm from Carate, so we have all day to enjoy Corcovado. Reserving spaces at La Leona is much easier than Sirena (which is usually more crowded) and we can practically make sure we will find a space for you and your group any time of the year. 


Tayra, a member of the weasel family is commonly observed near La Leona Ranger Station

Sirena: top jungle adventure destination

Staying overnight at the Sirena Ranger Station offers a unique opportunity to connect with the breathtaking wilderness of Corcovado National Park fully. Technically, this is the only place where you can spend a night inside the park. It’s not cheap, you will need to hire a certified guide for your entire stay at the park and buy the meals at the station, since it’s not allowed to bring any food inside the park. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly overnight stay, the best option is to boat in (from Puerto Jimenez) and hike out (to La Leona), and therefore you spend at least one night at Sirena Biological Station. Make sure to check our Sweet Sunrise to Sirena or our Full Peninsula Discovery.


Remember to bring all your essential outdoor gear, as the station offers only basic visitor facilities: 

Los Patos Trail with ZimyDaKid and Luisda Montero as guide, Adventures at Corcovado. 

Los Patos Trail with ZimyDaKid and Luisda Montero as guide, Adventures at Corcovado. 

Corcovado National Park Accommodation 

Sleeping at Sirena Bunkbeds: a rustic experience near stars and nocturnal tapirs

Accommodation, bunk beds.

For adventurous souls yearning for a close connection to nature, Sirena offers two wooden platforms with 100 spaces per night. The accommodation is simple, bunkbeds with sheets, pillows, and mosquito nets. The perfect place for adventurous naturalists!! 

Exquisite Corcovado National Park Accommodation Options: Rustic Elegance Amidst the Wilderness

For those seeking an authentic jungle experience without sacrificing comfort, several eco-lodges and rustic cabins offer accommodation near Corcovado National Park. 

Our favorites: 

We highly recommend: 

These lodgings blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings, providing cozy retreats after a day of exploration. Wake up to the sounds of the rainforest and savor locally sourced meals while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness.

TIP: A cool little place for backpackers is Life for Life Hostel

Certified Sustainable Stays Supporting Conservation

Many accommodations near Corcovado National Park are committed to sustainable practices and support local conservation initiatives. By choosing eco-friendly lodges and responsible tour operators, visitors can minimize their environmental impact and contribute to the preservation of this precious ecosystem. From solar-powered facilities to organic gardens, these establishments prioritize sustainability without compromising on comfort or luxury. 

Luna Lodge’s view is exuberant and wild, super close to Corcovado National Park.

Some great recommendations are: 

Corcovado National Park beckons adventurers with its untouched wilderness and unparalleled biodiversity. Whether exploring dense rainforest trails, spotting elusive wildlife, or immersing oneself in sustainable eco-lodges, every moment spent in this pristine paradise is an opportunity for discovery and awe. An unforgettable journey into the heart of Costa Rica’s untamed beauty!

Osa Wild explorers at Sirena Biological Station with Luisda Montero.


Why Corcovado National Park Should Be on Your Bucket List?

Corcovado National Park should definitely be on your bucket list for several compelling reasons:

Corcovado has so many different stories, and so much history behind it. From the wisdom and bravery of the jungle people who lived there more than seventy years ago, to a place for National Geographic and BBC films and photography. There is no other place in our country where you can spot so much biodiversity. Corcovado includes Sirena Biological Station  where  research was predominant during the early 70’s and 80´s. One of the longest term tapirs research was held there, and a national  jaguars and ungulates monitoring program by the local national conservation system. It is also a place that preserves cultural heritage, beyond its natural beauty, Corcovado was a home to over 200 families that where forced to leave after declaring it a national park in 1975. Corcovado is a paradise for nature lovers, boasting one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. From rare species like the Baird’s tapir and the elusive jaguar to vibrant birds like scarlet macaws, the park offers a unique opportunity to witness wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Corcovado is also a place for adventure and exploration.  Whether you’re a hiker, birdwatcher, or simply an adventurer at heart, Corcovado offers a range of activities to satisfy your wanderlust.It is a paradise for naturalists and biologists and hikers, because you can admire so much wildlife along the 21 km hikes from La Leona and explore pristine primary forest trees along Los Patos.

What are the endangered species found in Corcovado National Park?

At Corcovado we preserve the largest population of scarlet macaws from all of Central America and have one of the few healthy populations of white lipped peccaries and spider monkeys in the country. We preserve around 16 endemic  species of  birds, one unique poisonous dart frog and unique monkeys that are only found in the South Pacific area like the  Squirrel Monkey. Corcovdo preserves a very healthy population of bairds tapir. Some other endangered species which can be seen but are more elusive include: Puma, Jaguar, and Ocelot.

How can I book guided tours in Corcovado National Park?

The first and most important thing you must know is that spaces are limited inside the park and you can book your stay as soon as six months before your visit. So, make sure to plan ahead and book your stay no later than one month before your visit, otherwise you risk not finding a spot or a guide available. This applies mostly to Sirena station, the most crowded one of all, but it’s also a good recommendation when booking any of the other stations.

To book your guided tour in Corcovado National Park you first need to decide exactly what you want to do, which area of the park you want to visit, for how long, and how much physical effort you want to put into it. You can contact us to help you find the best option for you. 

Once you have decided what you want to do, you can go to the specific package in our Corcovado Adventures category and click the Book Now button. Fill in the form with all your information and we will take care of the rest.

Welcome to a realm of unparalleled natural beauty and captivating adventures – Corcovado National Park’s exuberant biodiversity will make your experience the wildest adventure in the country. With over 42,000 hectares of pristine rainforest, Corcovado is a testament to Costa Rica’s commitment to preserving its unique biodiversity. 

Osa Wild connects humans with nature. We offer travel solutions that protect a place like no other in the world while inspiring local people to responsibly conserve and develop their land. This travel guide is your gateway to discovering the best things this Costa Rican gem offers. Delve into lush rainforests teeming with rare wildlife, embark on thrilling tours, and immerse yourself in the unspoiled wonders of this pristine park. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or simply craving an escape, Corcovado has something extraordinary for everyone. 


Photo by Manuel Sanchez

The 5 Most Popular Activities in Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park is a nature lover’s paradise, offering many activities that allow you to immerse yourself in its stunning biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. From hiking through lush trails to embarking on boat tours that reveal the wonders of the park’s rivers and islets, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are the top five activities that you shouldn’t miss during your visit:

  1. Day Tour from Drake or Puerto Jimenez to Sirena Corcovado

Embark on a wild and choppy boat trip to the heart of Corcovado. Here you will have the highest possibility to admire wildlife and especially tapirs. Sirena has a small network of short trails that move you between Rio Claro and Rio Sirena, so the place is excellent for wildlife observation. This tour provides a different perspective of the park’s landscape: marine life observation, beaches and islets, secondary forest, primary forest, riverine areas, and amazing landscapes.

Depart at 5:30 a.m. while enjoying the sunrise and return before 3 p.m. for a cold drink and local food. You’ll likely see monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, and other animals such as coatis, agoutis, curassows, toucans, and other colorful birds. 

Sirena Station

Photo by Alvaro Sauma

2. Day tour to La Leona 

Venture into the southern tip of Corcovado by hiking the La Leona trail. This trail guides you through dense secondary forests, where you’ll encounter a magical wild setting. The captivating melodies of exotic birds and the frequent sighting of monkeys swinging through the trees will make this hike an unforgettable experience.

Photo by Alvaro Montoya

3. Hiking the San Pedrillo Corcovado National Park

San Pedrillo offers the best sunsets in all of Osa! The place is simply out of this world. Combining unique elevations of primary forest, waterfalls, rivers, and beaches all in one. Pumas are known around the area, and so are the gigantic tapirs. The waterfall is cold and the perfect place to connect in silence with nature. 

This 6-kilometer trail is a great place to see some of the oldest trees in the park. You’ll also likely see myriads of birds, such as toucans, hummingbirds, kingfishers, herons, and shore birds.

Photo by Jose Huertas

4. Dive at La Isla del Caño Biological Reserve

A short boat tour of less than 1 hour to the Caño Island Biological Reserve is an opportunity to explore the marine wonders surrounding Corcovado. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters and dive or swim with marine turtles, huge schools of brilliant fish, and even white-tip sharks. Incredible opportunity to dive into an underwater paradise.

Photo by Drake Divers

5. Hiking El Tigre Trail

Take on the Sendero El Tigre trail for a challenging and rewarding adventure, which leads you to higher elevations, providing panoramic views of the park’s diverse landscapes. As you ascend, watch for elusive poisonous dart frogs and vibrant bird species that call this area home.

Trail w/boar

Photo by Danilo Montero 

As you plan your visit to Corcovado National Park, consider these activities essential to your adventure. Each offers a unique way to connect with the park’s remarkable biodiversity and, at the same time, support our local community through tourism. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply seeking tranquility in nature, Corcovado has something special for you.

Wildlife Watching in Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. The park’s unique ecosystem and diverse habitats make it one of the best places in the world for wildlife watching. From rare species to breathtaking landscapes, Corcovado offers an unparalleled experience for travelers seeking an adventure in nature.

Photo by Ifi Garita 

Where to Go for Incredible Wildlife Watching

  1. The heart of Corcovado National Park hosts the Sirena Biological Station, one of the best places to watch wildlife. It is home to various animals, including tapirs, monkeys, peccaries, and sloths. You can visit Sirena Biological Station for one day, or you can spend up to 4 nights. If your main goal is to watch as much wildlife as possible, you should spend at least one night in Sirena Station.
  2. The La Leona Station is another great place to watch wildlife, with pristine beaches and a very productive secondary forest; monkeys, coatis, and anteaters are abundant in the area. With good luck, one might even find tayras or pumas prowling around. La Leona Station is located on the coast and is an excellent place to see sea turtles, coastal and marine birds, and other animals.
  3. Another great option for wildlife watching is San Pedrillo Station, located on the park’s western side. Surrounded by the region’s most ancient primary forests and the Pacific Ocean’s magnificent waters, San Pedrillo offers the chance to see both marine life and many kinds of land animals like mammals, amphibians, and reptiles.
  4. Hikers and wildlife watchers can enjoy another great option with the Sendero El Tigre Trail, located in the eastern part of the park. It is home to various animals, including monkeys, snakes, and frogs, but it is unique for birdwatching. You can visit for the day or stay at any of the local accommodations in Dos Brazos de Río Tigre, which is immersed in this unique gold town surrounded by primary forest.

Photo by Manuel Sanchez

How to Plan Your Perfect Wildlife-Watching Trip to Corcovado

Planning a wildlife-watching trip to Corcovado National Park requires careful consideration to make the most of your experience. Here are some tips to help you create an unforgettable adventure:

  1. Choose the Right Season: Wildlife activity varies yearly. The dry season (December to April) offers clearer trails and increased chances of wildlife sightings, while the wet season (May to November) provides lush foliage, fewer crowds, and muddier, more adventurous conditions. We love to recommend your trip during May, it is cooler, with the usual sunny mornings and some rain at night, fewer people and the best prices of the year.
  2. Guided Tours: Enlist the expertise of local guides who are intimately familiar with the park’s ecosystem. They can lead you to the best viewing spots and provide insights into the wildlife’s behavior. Osa Wild hires only 100% Costa Rican and local guides, and we are the only company that trains and runs a unique program for youngsters at the local high schools. 
  3. Accommodation: Depending on your preferences, you can stay at ranger stations, campsites, or nearby lodges. Booking at least one month in advance is recommended, even during low season. For peak season, we recommend booking at least three months in advance, and you can book even six months ahead if you prefer. 
  4. Pack Essentials: Bring sturdy hiking gear, a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated, an adequate backpack for long hikes, biodegradable insect repellent, sunscreen, a hat or cap, flashlight, binoculars, and a camera to capture those unforgettable moments.
  5. Respect the Wildlife: Remember, we are guests in their home. Maintain a respectful distance from animals, avoid making loud noises, and follow park regulations. Food is not allowed for day tours, only certain snacks for long hikes. 

As a final thought, Corcovado National Park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a chance to witness nature’s wonders in their purest form. With careful planning, knowledgeable guides, and a deep respect for the environment, your wildlife-watching trip to Corcovado will undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Photo by Manuel Sanchez

Corcovado National Park: Where to Stay

When planning your visit to Corcovado National Park, one of the critical considerations is where to stay. The park’s immense natural beauty and diverse wildlife make it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Whether you’re looking for a rustic camping experience, a comfortable lodge near the park, or an immersive stay within the park boundaries, several options suit every traveler’s preference. Let’s explore some of the best accommodations for your Corcovado adventure, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

Stay at Sirena Ranger Station

For the most immersive experience in Corcovado National Park, staying at the Sirena Ranger Station is an exceptional and adventurous choice. Nestled deep within the park’s heart, this station offers a unique opportunity to be surrounded by pristine wilderness. Imagine waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys echoing through the trees and the sight of rare tapir species feeding in front of the main deck. Accommodations are simple yet comfortable, providing all the essentials for an authentic rainforest experience. The Sirena Ranger Station is a base for guided hikes, wildlife observation, and research, making it an ideal choice for avid nature enthusiasts. We think it’s important to clarify that Sirena Station is technically the only place where you can spend the night inside the park.

Stay at a Lodge near Corcovado National Park

If you prefer a blend of comfort and proximity to the park, consider staying at one of the lodges near Corcovado National Park. These lodges offer a range of amenities, from cozy rooms to more luxurious suites, ensuring a comfortable retreat after outdoor adventures. Many lodges are situated within lush surroundings, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature without sacrificing modern comforts. From these lodges, you can easily access guided tours into the park.

We have three great options to recommend, all locally owned; hurray!: La Leona Ecolodge, Ecoturistico La Tarde, and Danta Corcovado Lodge. These lodges provide excellent accommodations and can enhance your Corcovado experience while supporting the local community. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cabin or a more upscale suite, these lodges have something to suit your preferences. Plus, they offer convenient access to guided tours into the park, making it an excellent choice for those who want to explore Corcovado while enjoying a comfortable stay.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious, high-end stay you should try Luna Lodge, Lapa Rios, Bosque del Cabo, or El Remanso. 

Photo Salma Polanco

Stay in Drake Bay

Drake Bay, located on the northern edge of the Osa Peninsula, is another fantastic option for accommodation near Corcovado National Park. This charming coastal village offers a variety of lodging options, including eco-friendly resorts and boutique hotels. From Drake Bay, you can start any guided day tours into the park and engage in water-based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and boat tours to nearby islands. The bay’s stunning views and vibrant marine life make it a captivating place to unwind after a day of exploration.

We recommend considering the following accommodations in Drake Bay for your stay: Casa Myriam, Caligo de Osa, Sunset Lodge, Casa Horizontes, and Cabinas Pura Vida. These options provide a range of choices to suit your preferences, whether seeking a tranquil eco-retreat or a cozy boutique experience. Each of these lodgings offers its unique charm and amenities, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Drake Bay while being close to the wonders of Corcovado National Park.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious, high-end stay you should try Copa de Arbol, Aguila de Osa, La Paloma Lodge, Drake Bay Getaway, and Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge.

Stay in Puerto Jimenez

Puerto Jimenez is a gateway to Corcovado National Park for a more bustling atmosphere. This town provides a range of accommodations, from budget-friendly hostels to comfortable local cabins. Puerto Jimenez offers a blend of convenience and local charm, with access to essential amenities, restaurants, and local culture. It’s an ideal starting point for guided tours into the park and other outdoor activities, ensuring a well-rounded travel experience.

We recommend considering the following accommodations in Puerto Jimenez for your stay: Osa Lodge, Refugio Turistico, Cabinas Marcelina, Corcovado Beach Lodge, the Corner, and Sweet Gulf Hostel. These options are all locally owned and some are managed by the first settler families that came from Panama to Puerto Jimenez. Cabinas Jimenez is also an excellent alternative if you want to have swimming pool and gulf view. The location allows you to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Puerto Jimenez while embarking on your Corcovado National Park adventures.

Camping and van sites for travelers visiting Corcovado National Park

For adventurous souls who seek a truly immersive experience, camping within Corcovado National Park is no longer an option. But, there are unique places where to camp around the Osa. Start at Rincon, near Chontal Camping, and enjoy the gulf’s calm waters and blue mountains. Then, move to Playa Blanca, La Palma and enjoy a Blue Flag beach, kayaking, the best fried fish, sloth paradise, and cold drinks. Stop at Juanito Mora Beach for high tide and dip in the biggest natural swimming pool, the Golfo Dulce. Then, drive to Puerto Jimenez to get some fuel and shop at the local supermarket BM, or if you are here on Saturdays, enjoy the Green Market at Los Higuerones Cooperative from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. At Puerto Jimenez, you can look for Adonis Camping or take off and continue to Matapalo Paradise, where epic waves and emerald waters inspire your time while observing monkeys, toucans, and numerous other birds. When moving on, towards the end of the road, don´t forget to visit Finca Bijagual, ask for their empanadas with chile! At the end of the road, literally, you will find Carate, a gold epicenter town, another great place for camping. Make sure to enjoy a cold beer at Coco Osa in front of the beach and experience the vibe this place has.

We love these options because they’re fully enveloped in nature; everything is local, and you will probably be there alone with your friends and nature. Beaches are just stunning, and camping or van-tripping is safe and wild.

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