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From start to end, our staff will provide splendid atention and clarity. Our team is integrated by a group of passionate naturalist guides and biologists, who love to share their knowledge.
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Sustainable Tourism

All of our tours contribute directly to the local economy, while assuring the wellbeing of the environment and our host community.


All of our actions are filled with integrity, understanding the context in which we are operating. We are a reliable and trustworthy company.


A brief history of it’s origins


Osa Wild Travel is a local Costa Rican company that promotes ecotourism. It was created with the heart of a tropical biologist eager to protect the rainforest and restore its ecosystems. Initially frustrated by the immoderate amount of land sold to foreigners, this young entrepreneur focused on finding alternatives for the wellbeing of local people through tourism.


This adventure far from being an economically driven initiative has always been oriented by social and environmental welfare. Osa Wild has focused on finding solutions to conserve and protect one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Ifi has inspired local people to preserve their land, and keeps working on the endless task of helping nature and people evolve together in a responsible way.
Connecting humans with nature
and travelers with the community.

Respect For Nature

The clear understanding of nature and its ecosystems is needed in our community. People can't protect and respect what they don't know.

Sharing Knowledge

Due to the necessity of conserving and protecting our unique biodiversity, education is a fundamental part, not only in our tours but also in our community program in schools and colleges around the Osa Peninsula.

Meeting People

We consider that there is no better fortune when travelling than meeting people. Rural communities are full of wisdom, humbleness and beauty.

Awards & Accolades

For the past 4 years, Osa Wild has achieved the highest level of sustainability from the Costa Rican Tourism board. Luxury Travel Awards, named us Sustainable Tour Operator of the year in 2015 and Cultural Tour Operator of the year in 2017.


We highly value the importance of your life and the one of your beloved. It is mandatory to communicate any special health conditions, since hiking to Corcovado is not easy. We assure safety in our operations, but take into account that traveling with insurance is obligatory.

Sustainable Travel

We want our biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. We are focused on creating a better balance between social, environmental and economic factors for short- and long-term performance.


Special Thanks

Photography Artists

The spectacular pictures and videos shown on this website were taken by these amazing photographers. We invite you to check out more of their work.
Special thanks to all of them!



The total cost of your tour will depend on your choice of desired route, meals, transport, and extra services. Osa Wild offers some pre-defined packages to visit the park; these can be found on our section Corcovado Adventures. If you want a customized or private tour, we invite you to contact us first.

OSA WILD receives money via PayPal or BAC Credomatic (Botón de Pagos/Payment Button). Once the price and itinerary have been settled and the pre-reservation has been confirmed, we send you an e-mail that contains a button that allows you to pay with any credit or debit card instantly. For payments inside Costa Rica, you can deposit to any of our bank accounts in the Banco Nacional. You can request the detailed information of our payment options to our e-mail.

There are two different cash machines in Puerto Jiménez: Banco Nacional, and Banco de Costa Rica. Both of them provide colones and/or dollars depending on the bank issuing your card. At Drake there are no ATMs.

All our guides speak Spanish as their native language, and all of them can speak English. We have a guide with basic French level and one with basic German level.

It's not allowed to bring any food inside the park. Only if you're doing one of the long hikes (La Leona or Los Patos) you can bring your own food. Although, vegetables, fruits, and canned food are not allowed at all. You can bring bars, cookies, sandwiches, dried fruits, or mixed nuts. 

You can buy some snacks at the Sirena Store (cookies, empanadas, chips, cold drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate).

The full meals from the restaurant must be booked in advanced. All our packages include dinners and breakfasts. You can decide if you want to include lunch or not.

The price for lunch is $12 and it' served from 11 am to 1pm

The only place where you can sleep is Sirena station. The only accommodation option is in bunk beds on a wooden platform, nothing private. The bunk beds include sheets, pillow, and mosquito net. You can see pictures in the accommodation tab of every Corcovado package on our website:  Accommodation Tab

At the station, you will find a module with shared toilets and showers (cold water only), equipped with liquid soap dispensers. Additionally, you will find electrical outlets for your convenience. Also note that the station has a very slow and irregular wifi connection.

Yes, the water supply for the station is taken from a well, and then filtered, so it is potable water. You should take your reusable water bottle to fill up, there are no commercial drinks for sale, only natural juices.

If possible, we recommend carrying a water filter or purification tablets for use on the long walks (this is not strictly necessary).

The use and consumption of single-use plastics is prohibited in protected areas such as national parks, biological reserves and national monuments.

Single-use plastics are defined as those used once and discarded, such as plastic water bottles, straws, disposable cutlery, fast food containers, single-use plastic bags, as well as wrappers.

Please bring your own reusable water bottle to the park, if you bring single-use plastic bottles they will be removed.

No, it is not necessary to bring tents or a sleeping bag, camping is no longer allowed at the station.

No, it is not allowed to cook or heat water at the station.

All foreign visitors must always carry their passport. If you do not want to bring it into the park, you should at least bring a copy of it or a picture on your phone. The park rangers do random passport checks at the entrance to validate your reservation.

For families with children, we recommend mainly the day tours or overnights into Sirena but entering and exiting by boat. We have guides who have worked with children on several occasions, and it is possible with good planning.

Hiking Los Patos trail during the rainy season can present significant challenges and risks that require careful consideration, making it more suitable for experienced hikers. Heavy rainfall can create slippery and muddy conditions, and fallen trees may obstruct parts of the trail, this may result in more hiking hours than usual. Additionally, streams and rivers might have increased water flow, making crossings highly unpredictable.

While it is possible to hike Los Patos trail during the transition months between dry and rainy seasons (May, June and July) and between the rainy and dry seasons (December and January) under favorable weather and trail conditions, it is crucial to exercise caution and prioritize safety. We do not operate the route at all during the rainiest periods (August, September, October and November).

We strongly recommend consulting about the current conditions before booking this route. It's important to stay flexible and be prepared for last-minute route changes or even cancellations if conditions become unsafe. Your safety is our utmost priority.

We have a system that allows us to advice our customers if a day is “Particularly Tough” which means that you would have to put much more effort than what the hike is regularly asking for. Part of this extra effort would be a faster hike to cross a specific point before the tide rises, or crossing rivers higher than your waist, climbing and hiking steep demanding areas.

We recommend 100% local places, including: Apartamentos Herrera, Osa Lodge, Cabinas Marcelina, Refugio Turístico and Hoja de Oro. There are also cheaper options such as Cabinas the Corner, Cabinas Carolina, and Corcovado Wild Hostel.

We recommend local places, including: Jade Mar, Cabinas Murillo, Las Cotingas, and Cabinas Pura Vida.

In Puerto Jimenez we recommend: Soda Marbella, Soda Yohanna, Marisquería Corcovado, Pizza MAIL.IT, Soda Aida Patricia, La Terraza, and Hellen's Chill House.

In Drake Bay we recommend: Reina del Mar, Restaurante El Tortugo, and Restaurante Kalaluna (Jinetes de Osa).

The bus from San José to Puerto Jiménez goes every day at 12 m.d. from Transportes Blanco station. The location is this: Bus Station San Jose-Pto Jimenez.

The bus from Puerto Jiménez to San José goes every day at 5 a.m. The location is this: Bus Station Pto Jimenez- San Jose


People who always support and endorse our good work

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