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Fun & Wild Adventures

Imagine yourself galloping in the pristine beaches or swinging 20 m high through the canopy of the Osa Peninsula jungle. Explore alternative trails to discover waterfalls, nocturnal wildlife and the vast diversity of birds found in this unique place. Osa Wild offers the opportunity to connect with nature in the most adventurous and authentic way.
Most of these tours are located outside Puerto Jiménez, so it's recommended that you either use your own transport, reserve a taxi with us or reduce emissions and ride the bike. All these activities are operated by either local associations, local guides or family projects. These are all short tours that will assure you a fun and wild experience.


100% Costa Rican

Night Tour from Puerto Jiménez

Discover the wildlife at night with a local guide. It’s possible to find frogs, snakes, owls, or even nocturnal mammals such as kinkajous, raccoons, opossums, two-toed sloths...

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Matapalo Tour

Astonishing surfing beaches coupled with tropical forest, Matapalo is a true paradise! This is a great activity for families with smaller kids, with short distance hiking and lots of wildlife to meet.

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Birdwatching Tour

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert birdwatcher, if you want to see some of the most outstanding bird species in the region, the best is to go with an expert local birdwatching guide.

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Sloth Tour

Fantastic family activity for all ages. You will learn about sloths and share pleasant stories with the Valverde family. And for a sweet closing, we will extract sugarcane, a local traditional practice.

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Canopy Tour

Explore the forest from a different perspective!

The tropical forest canopy is home to 60-90% of the biodiversity of the tropics. Come and enjoy the experience of seeing the tree-tops, while flying through it in a safe, wild and fun way!

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Horseback Riding

Set in a little paradise surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Golfo Dulce bay, and dense tropical rain forest, this horseback riding experience is served by rich fauna and abundant flora. Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts: get ready for an adrenaline rush!

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Tree Climbing

The view from here is truly breathtaking! Take your time as you climb up as nature will surprise you the whole way. Smell nearby trees, beehives, or pass through a bat house; hear howler monkeys and see scarlet macaws flying above; keep a lookout for slow and gentle sloths or simply enjoy the stunning ocean view.

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Floating Tour

Probably the second-best activity after Corcovado. Adventure and adrenaline floating through an emerald river and majestic green forest. End up at a pristine beach close to Drake Bay after a mind-blowing floating jaunt!

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The Tapir's Trail

Nature is full of extraordinary surprises for those who delve into their search for connection with the environment. Tapir's trail invites you to be amazed by its intense biodiversity!

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Surfing Lessons

Amazing beaches next to tropical rainforests, Matapalo is a true paradise for surfers! You will be impressed by the colors of the ocean, the melody of the birds, and the exquisite perspective of the most beautiful beach surrounded by tropical jungle in the Osa Peninsula.

Learn to surf while we make it fun for you!

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Waterfall Rappelling

An adventure that combines horseback riding, hiking, and rappelling all in one single tour. There’s nothing else like it!

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